Galore Magazine x Tart Launch Party at Break Room!

As Studio 54 taught us, no party is better than one where fashion meets rock ‘n’ roll, which is what happened at the celebration for the Galore X Tart collaboration party. Susan McKagan, the iconic ’90s-era supermodel hosted, with Duff, her rockstar husband (legendary Guns ‘N’ Roses bassist) in tow with their sassy pink-haired rockstar spawn Grace McKagan front and center on stage in a performance with her 90s grunge punk band, The Pink Slips. Breakroom 86, the Los Angeles mainstay bar which hosted our celebration, transported party goers back in time to the year 1985 where they had no problem sashaying around in fur, silk and leather ensembles, sipping on a Devotion Vodka and Redbull cocktail. This party was a scene Debbie Harry and Andy Warhol might have been spotted at.